Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas wishlist

I am officially done with the first semester of college and I am back in New York City! Even though I came back on such a gloomy Sunday morning, I was so glad to be back. My flight got cancelled and my friends and I were just bumming around the airport for a good 4 hours. We slept on the benches because we were so tired. Haha. After going away for college, I realized my love for New York City and I just know that no other place will ever replace the place I call home. I was so excited that I did not even mind walking the streets while getting soaked in the rain. I hate the rain and I hate going out in the rain. However, today was different. I did not mind it all that much. (:

Anyways, since I had free time on my hands I figured I would post up my Christmas wishlist. I make one every year but I always end up not getting anything on my wish list which is a little sad, but it's okay. It gives me a satisfying kind of feeling anyways.

1. Creepers- I love these. They are a wonderful addition to my grunge looks these days. (:

2. Leather jacket - I have been wanting a leather jacket for awhile. I used to have one, but I sold it because it wasn't even good quality. I want to invest in a good quality one that would last me.

3. Velvet dress - This velvet dress is so lovely and has the right appropriate cuts and amount of sheerness. 

4. Chelsea boots - These are so in this year. I would really love a pair.

5. These wedges are so cute. I really think I have an obsession with leather and cutouts lately. The height of the heel is not that high either which is perfect!

6. Terrarium - This last item I want is kind of random but it's a terrarium in a hexagon shape! It is adorable. Normally, I am not a plant person, or a pet person but I think I will start growing a plant of my own. And perhaps, I'll name it greeny. 

That is all for now, folks! Remember to stay warm, and enjoy the cold weather. (:
Much love,

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