Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Closing Down The Pattern Department

As I have promised, I took some time to take pictures and posted a new look. Studying is such a hard thing to do. My friend has already finished all her finals. I am so jealous she gets to relax and bum around. I want to do that as well. But sadly, I am unable to relax until the end of the week. I posted a look featuring one of my latest thrift finds: geometric sweater. (:

geometric sweater - thrifted / denim jacket - tobi / high waisted zippered jeans - f21 / white oxfords - american apparel / black leather bag - thrifted

I have also been wearing my denim jacket a lot. It definitely matches a lot of my outfits. The weather where I am living in currently, is definitely bipolar. So it is better for me to layer up. You can't see it but, I am actually wearing another sweater under that sweater. A little bit of a tip for you guys. Speaking of tips, I will be posting up tips on how to dress warmer during the winter very soon. So, be on the lookout for that.  I am yawning as I type this so I guess I will be sleeping in a few.

Good night lovelies ♥


  1. denim jackets and aztec sweaters <3
    the perfect layers for this chilly weather :)


    1. yes. haha definitely. thank you for commenting. (: