Friday, October 12, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

This blogging thing is so hard. How do people keep up with it. ):
I've been busy trying to settle down in my university as well as balancing everything. I can't manage my time well at all. It sucks! I wish I could post more outfits on lookbook, but that would mean awkward pictures in my dorm. I'll try to get an outfit post soon when I'm not too busy, but somehow I always end up being busy. Anyhow, I've gone on some thrifting adventures near my university and I am so glad for the deserted Salvation Army I found. They have super cute sweaters for cheap and I just want to buy everything.
Another place I've checked out is Plato's closet. I spent a long time in that store trying to rummage through everything so I don't miss anything good. That was when I found this beauty.