Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Buffalo Exchange

I actually only started thrifting last year. I became interested in it when I saw on lookbook that people "thrift" and I wondered what that was. I thought it was a store. Well, technically it is a store but I thought it was like a forever 21 where you can enter and buy clothes. When I told my friend I wanted to try and go thrifting, coincidentally, she was also interested. Her mom thrifts and finds good deals so the first place I ever went to was Goodwill. 
Buffalo Exchange was the second store she brought me to for thrifting. They have two locations but the one I usually go to is located on Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg. I went today with four of my friends cause they wanted to try thrifting too but I guess thrifting isn't really for them. Only one of them really found stuff. I grabbed a few things but because I'm poor I tried to limit myself. I bought a skirt, high waisted shorts and this really really nice bag that I am feigning over. I've been trying to look for something like this and I HAD to get it. My total ended up being $44.50. Let me just say that Buffalo Exchange isn't really a good place to find cheap finds. It's a bit pricey actually. But, occasionally you'll see some (barely) cheaper items that are worth it. So, here's how my bag looks!

Friday, June 15, 2012

To Struggle With Light Colors

I'm not very good with this blogging thing. How do people post so often?
Well, lately I've been busy with prom and college and other stuff. And, I never got to post up my favorite sweater on lookbook! I shall do it next week. Speaking of next week, I'll be turning 18! I'll also be graduating on the 25th! Excuse my continuous exclamation marks. I'm excited and a little sad to be leaving high school. This means I am officially turning old. It kind of sucks. ): Anyways, enough about my life.
Last month (I think), I won a giveaway for Romwe hosted by Jennifer from Art In Our Blood. I got super lucky and I have been meaning to to post about it but..let's not get into that. I finally posted a look of me wearing that dress on lookbook and here it is.

floral collar dress - romwe / brown leather watch - kmart / coach bag- vintage / fringe loafers - urban outfitters