Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tips On How to Dress Warm During The Winter

These are tips I wrote up last year(I think) for my followers on tumblr. I realized that during the winter I still want to wear my tights and skirts and dresses. But wearing only tights will cause me to freeze to death. I began to wear thigh high socks over my tights and it definitely helps with my freezing legs. I looked up and thought up of different ways of keeping warm but still looking stylish in the winter. I am now going to share these tips right here on my blog. I hope these tips help you guys. (:

  1. Wear sheer tights and over the knee socks. I do this all the time. It keeps my feet and calves warm. Although your thighs are still half exposed, you’ll be fine in 30-40 degree weather. (example)
  2. Wear tights under your leggings. Sometimes we have those thin leggings that are meant for the spring and summer, and we would freeze our bums off wearing those in the winter. Wearing tights under our leggings would keep us warm without making our legs look extra bulky.
  3. Wear cute patterned knit tights. If you’re feeling lazy, wearing some knitted patterned tights would add a little pizzazz in your outfit and keep you warm at the same time.
  4. Wear socks over your jeans. This might sound a little weird but, it’s actually really cute and makes your outfit look more comfortable and warm. I prefer to wear gray socks with darker color jeans. Sometimes our jeans just aren’t warm enough for us. I know mine aren’t. Most of mine are jeggings, so they’re really not warm at all. You can also pair them with knee high boots. (Example 1) (Example 2)
  5. Wear socks under your jeans. Make sure you don’t wear those super bulky socks under your jeans, or your calves would look super muscular. The normal ones would do just fine. It would help if you had a pair of boots as well to hide the bulkiness of the socks (if you only have thick socks).
  6. Wear maxi skirts. Think you can only wear these in the spring? You’re wrong. Maxi skirts actually help you stay warmer than jeans. An advantage to wearing maxi skirts in the winter is that you can still look put-together and stay super warm at the same time, because no one can see what you’re wearing under your skirt. You can wear whatever keeps you warm under them. Pairing maxi skirts with a knitted sweater would look super stylish, while staying warm at the same time. (Example)
All images are from pinterest.

I hope these tips help you guys. (:

Much love,

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