Friday, January 11, 2013

Being Productive on Rainy Dreary Days

This winter break has definitely been enjoyable for me. Despite a few downs that I have experienced, all in all my break can be summed up in one word: wonderful. Catching up with my close friends, shopping in the wonderfully dirty streets of NYC, eating the many delicacies that can be found in NYC, I will definitely miss doing. I will most definitely miss my parents cooking. I come in two days.
I went thrifting today and I scored some really nice things. Although they were definitely on the mroe pricey side, it was fine because some of these things that I found were either unique or cheaper than what it's sold for. So, I would say this thrift haul was a success!

Here are the few things I thrifted.

Top left - AA peter pan collar shirt
Top right - Button down shirt. It has green with black pinstripes
Bottom left - Rusy corduroy high waisted pants
Bottom middle - Uniqlo black jeggings (I have been wanting these for awhile. They are out of stock in stores.)
Bottom right - Polka dotted shorts

Now I saved the best for last. (:

This was 15 dollars! However, I felt like it was worth it because of the details on the shirt. It also has gold buttons on it. This shirt looks like something from the 80's. 

This was my ultimate favorite item that I bought today. It's so grunge and it has beaded cross detailing on it. 

It is absolutely gorgeous and it fits really well.

Well, that was my how I ended my winter break. How were yours? (:

Love, Nancy

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