Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Aware, Rust and Repair

I am finally posting a new look. It's about time isn't it? I just finished all my papers and tests, and I thought to myself, "It's about time to update my empty blog". I never knew taking pictures on the stairs would turn out so nice. Haha. Here is my outfit.

cream silky button up - thrifted / patterned cardigan - thrifted / easy knit jeggins - uniqlo / white oxfords - american apparel

I absolutely adore my cardigan and my jeggings. My gosh. I love my jeggings. I swear to you, they are the most comfortable pants you will ever wear. And, you can easily wear them high-waisted. They're comfortable, form fitting and amazing. Go get yourself a pair. They are only 20 bucks from Uniqlo. (:

I was so glad I found this cardigan. It's so soft, and lovely. The pattern makes it all the more unique and irresistible. On a side note, I hope everyone is doing well in school and focusing on their studies, instead of slacking off. I know I slacked off a few times. I was sick and didn't go to classes for two weeks. ): It was so bad. I am feeling tons better now. I hope everyone's healthy and not sick like me. Being sick is horrible. Ugh. That's it for now! I'll post again real soon. (:

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