Friday, June 15, 2012

To Struggle With Light Colors

I'm not very good with this blogging thing. How do people post so often?
Well, lately I've been busy with prom and college and other stuff. And, I never got to post up my favorite sweater on lookbook! I shall do it next week. Speaking of next week, I'll be turning 18! I'll also be graduating on the 25th! Excuse my continuous exclamation marks. I'm excited and a little sad to be leaving high school. This means I am officially turning old. It kind of sucks. ): Anyways, enough about my life.
Last month (I think), I won a giveaway for Romwe hosted by Jennifer from Art In Our Blood. I got super lucky and I have been meaning to to post about it but..let's not get into that. I finally posted a look of me wearing that dress on lookbook and here it is.

floral collar dress - romwe / brown leather watch - kmart / coach bag- vintage / fringe loafers - urban outfitters

By the way, those loafers were a birthday gift from my best friend. I love them to death cause they're so darn cute. So the giveaway consisted of a dress and a collar necklace. Romwe takes forever to ship! I got my items almost a month after ordering. Also, when I received my package the necklace kin  of broke. But it's okay, the part that fell off can be easily glued back on. 

I've done my duty of posting. I'll be off to bed now. Good night!

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